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Greenland’s trunkings are designed to fit all types of surface wiring systems for both indoor and outdoor use. Greenland’s improved and unique casings can be easily slided in and out. And they come in various sizes, plus retaining clips for an easier installation.

What’s more, all Greenland’s trunkings come in standard length of 2 meters, and they can be easily trimmed to the desired length and mounted onto the surface using either nails or double sided adhesive tapes. Though these trunkings are only available in white, they can be easily painted-over with vinyl emulsion based paint to match the desired surroundings furnishing.

Apart from all these advantages, Greenland trunkings are also proven for their excellent insulation abilities and superb resistance level against heat, corrosion and harsh chemicals. All Greenland’s trunkings are manufactured to comply with the Singapore Standards SS275 and proven to be fire retardant.

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