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Greenland’s conduit and accessories are made of superior quality uPVC (Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride) and HF (Halogen Free) materials, suitable for surface and under surface cable installations. Greenland’s conduits are known for its high impact qualities and insulation abilities to withstand rough handling. What’s more, Greenland conduits have high temperature tolerance and UV radiation resistant to withstand any harsh environment.


uPVC Pipe Fittings

Standard Compliance

Greenland’s uPVC pipe fittings are made with compliance to the Japanese Industrial Standard JIK K6742.


Code Description Normal I.D Colour Standard Packing
mm Quality
GPCP13GY Socket 13 Grey 150 pcs
GPCP16GY Socket 16 Grey 150 pcs
GPELBOW13GY Elbow 13 Grey 100 pcs
GPELBOW16GY Elbow 16 Grey 100 pcs
GPTEE13GY Tee 13 Grey 100 pcs
GPTEE16GY Tee 16 Grey 100 pcs

** Joints should be tight fitted with the application of solvent cement.

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