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Greenland’s HDPE (High Dense Polyethylene) tubes are extensively used by the construction industry for underground wire piping and moulding of concrete rods. At the same time, they are also highly recommended for use in the agricultural sector such as: watering, fertilizing and irrigation purpose.


Greenland’s HDPE tubes are most ideal for extensive long-distance piping as no joint is needed. The HDPE tube also have high impact and tensile strength. The smooth inner surface and high corrosion resistant makes it ideal for conveying many types of slurries and other abrasive elements.

Connection and stacking of the HDPE tubes are made easy via the use of PE fittings. This is especially useful when covering a large land area.

Other accessories such as water sprinklers can conveniently and securely attached onto the HDPE tube should wide watering dispersal be required.

The HDPE tubes may be produced to meet nominal rated pressure: PN6, PN8, PN10, PN12.5 and PN16 specifications.

Standard colour available: Black and white. The HDPE tube is packed in coil form for easy handling.

Product Properties & Characteristics

  • High flexibility
  • High corrosion resistant
  • High abrasion resistant
  • Smooth inner bore for excellent flow
  • Light weight
  • High temperature tolerance of -5°C to 60°C


Code Inner Diameter (ID) Outer Diameter (OD)
mm mm
PE0913 9.0 13.0
PE1113 11.0 13.0
PE1315 13.8 15.5
PE1320 13.0 20.0
PE1324 13.0 24.0
PE1416 14.0 16.0
PE1517 15.0 17.9
PE1618 16.0 18.0
PE1719 17.5 19.5
PE1721 17.5 21.5
PE1725 17.0 25.0
PE1924 19.0 24.0
PE2232 22.0 32.0
PE2430 24.5 30.5
PE2732 27.0 32.0
PE3236 32.0 36.5
PE3238 32.0 38.0

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